Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Recap

Since the kids (and the lucky few who got MLK Day) were off Monday, I'm going to go ahead and pretend that it didn't even happen...any objections? Yea, didn't think there would be!

We didn't end up going to Fogo this weekend (insert sad face here) however I did have one of the best Ladies night's I've had it MONTHS! It was much needed girl talk, and hanging out which almost ended in a super fun slumber party. I say almost because sadly my love was struck with food poisoning and i had to rush home at THREE A.M. to take care of him. There really is nothing worse than food poisoning is there? Which is why we took Fogo off the table and decided we will try again maybe next month (After the 30YF diet!)

Saturday I woke up around 11 (yea...like nearly afternoon) got showered and dressed and when out to have some lunch and shopping time with the MIL and SIL while she was in town. Since I woke up so late, I skipped breakfast and when lunch rolled around I ordered a dressing free chicken salad and water to try my hardest to stick to my diet. The salad came and it was AWFUL..the salad itself was not too bad, but the chicken was so disgusting! I had zero apatite after only 3 bites. When we left lunch I was feeling fine, not too hungry so I figured I would be good until we could stop at Target for some fresh veggies. We walk into TJ Maxx (The Mecca of bargain shopping) and about 10 minutes in I start feeling very light headed, dizzy and confused. My MIL was concerned and ran to get me a sugary drink and something to coat my stomach. It was awful, but probably what I get for eating little to nothing that day! Needless to say they brought me home where Phil could take care of me. LOL. We literally just lazed around the house watching movies and going in and out of sleep. Nothing amazing but it was so needed.

Sunday was spent roaming around downtown Houston with Fernando (Our photographer) looking for fun/interesting shoot sites and trying to capture as many fun photos as we could without being robbed, stabbed or run over. I kid you not- I am no City Mouse- I honestly don't think I could live downtown if it was free. I love my wide open spaces and a friendly neighbor here and there.

I love taking photos, but i will say when a professional is involved is a whole different monster than when you and your girlfriends are taking group pics. For one, you don't see them...like at all- until their done. Talk about nerve racking!! I am an instant satisfaction type of girl, and even when you have a professional telling you "these look great, good job" sometimes you have to see it, to believe it. Which will hopefully be tonight! Eeeek!!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what/if any we get back!! :)

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