Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Engagement Photo sneak peak!

They're here!!!! We got our proofs back last night and I don't think I was even ready for how much I love them. Yes there are a few things I would like to change- and yes, I honestly regret not getting my make-up professionally done if even just to have my eyes pop more. Lesson learned. All in all I am very happy and am looking forward to having some of these
beauties hanging up in our home very soon!

Without further adieu, here are a few of my favorites from Sundays shoot.

DISCLAIMER; About 90% of these photos are of us kissing/showing affection. If that bothers you, please feel free to move along. I promise- no hurt feelings here ;)

 photo Phillip_0060_zpsaaad052f.jpg

 photo Phillip_0062_zps2e1c8fde.jpg

 photo Phillip_0065_zps5f2a2610.jpg

 photo Phillip_0073_zps36478f64.jpg

 photo Phillip_0080_zps4ccd6aa0.jpg

 photo Phillip_0084_zps589970cf.jpg

 photo Phillip_0086_zpsf1f34c2d.jpg

 photo Phillip_0089_zpsd904cade.jpg

 photo Phillip_0093_zpsd69a43bc.jpg

There are 100000 more but for now, this all I can do. Tomorrow I'll post part 2 with our "casual outfits". What do you think? How many photo shoots is too many for engagements? We are working on #2 here and who knows what will happen between now and July! Maybe I'll take more and just not share/shove them in any ones face. Opinions?

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