Thursday, January 9, 2014

Perfectly Imperfect

Go to Google...go right now, and type in "Beautiful Brides" in the image search. Do it. I'll wait. is Stunning. Every one! Is that even possible??

If nothing else in your life ever makes you question if you are good enough- pretty enough, skinny enough, deserving enought, it may just happen when you get to be the ever coveted Bride.
I've never been overly self concious of myself. I am by NO means perfect or even close for that matter, but up until a few years ago I could really give a crap about what the perception of "beauty" was. I didn't love my body, but I didn't hate it either. I knew what looked good on me, and what didn't and played up my ASSets. (One of the few things I am proud of is my perky little ass. It's not that Nikki or Kim ass, but it's perfectly perky.)

okay, okay, enought about my ass. the point is, I never really worried too much about what I wore/ate/did for my body UNTIL I became a bride.

Everyhting chagnes the second you say "YES" to the question you waited so long to hear. Everything. Not because your Fiancee has some pact that he will only marry you as a size 2, or that you've now magically become more willing to work on yourself. It's society. Society will continually badger you until you feel like the biggest, ugliest blob that ever walked the face of this plant. Literally!

You'll look through bridal magazines that feature size -2 models in dreses that you've been eyeing since your birth and go to dress trial appointments where they pinch and poke you to fit into dresses and then parade you around the store for the entire female population to see and judge you. "Did you see Krys? They didn't even have to use the clips on her dress!!" "Ew." "Totes". "Totes nasty".
Judgemental skeezas- there everywhere.

After a few months of questioning every body party I have, or don't have (Hello tiny A cups that fit in oh you know, nothing!) and crying for hours and days over my "imprefect" engagment photos, I finally realized somehting.

 photo There-is-nothing-more-rare_zps916397ea.png

And it's 100% true. Beauty is never the same. Ever. You have to see past your flaws, psat your insecurities and just, live. Be happy that you get the chance to marry the man of your dreams, be thankful that in your worst and at your very best he is there- Every day, forever. Don't let a magazine, a spiteful friend of even your interal doubts stop you from enjoying this beautiful moment. For the most part, being a bride is a once in a life time event. Make it cout- for you be your beautiful.

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