Thursday, January 23, 2014

Engagement photos part 2!!

As promised here are some more shots from Sunday's photo sesh. These ones probably make me smile the biggest because it legit looks like we are being followed around with out knowing it. No...maybe? What ever, that's how it felt looking at them the first time. I just spoke to Fernando this morning to thank him again for the wonderful photos and he brought up a good point. As beautiful as these photos are, they don't quite capture who "we" are in whole. You see, Phil and I are not just a him and a me... we really are a we. With Wee little ones (not really, their literally almost half way through elementary now) but you get the point. We are not complete with out them, and it just doesn't feel right to not have them in these photos. One of the biggest reasons I gave love a second chance and took the leap of faith in hoping for a future with Phil was because of his deep and true love for my kids.

So what does that mean?? Oh, just that we've now scheduled photo shoot number 3! Yea...we're a little crazy. Call me nuts if you will, but having professional photos of you and your beau, plus the bonus of having some with ya'll as a whole, with the other halves of your heart is never a bad thing in my book. I honestly started to tear up a little realizing how amazing it will be to capture this moment the real way it is- with all of us. But for now, we have these beautiful mementos of just the two of us.


 photo Phillip_0115_zpscdca59a5.jpg

 photo Phillip_0119_zps6d42c64f.jpg

 photo Phillip_0123_zps1e3ed5b2.jpg

 photo Phillip_0127_zps9376f9e0.jpg

 photo Phillip_0128_zpsc148450c.jpg

 photo Phillip_0130_zpsf4edc624.jpg

(The picture above and below were taken at a very sketch park in Downtown Houston, where we (Swear on my life) had real life crack heads shooting up not 10ft away....creeeepppy)

 photo Phillip_0133_zps5bfc5c51.jpg

 photo Phillip_0137_zps72ece8af.jpg

 photo Phillip_0151_zpsdbff62af.jpg

 photo Phillip_0152_zps99173d23.jpg

 photo Phillip_0156_zpsd148b66c.jpg

That pretty much wraps that up! There where a little over 100 total photos taken at the shoot, but most where different angles of the ones above. I loved how they turned out, and am even more excited to see whats to come!

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