Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holiday rundown

This years' holiday season althought somewhat unusual living arrangments (We are currently staying with my future In-Laws while we save up to buy a house) were probably one of the more memorable/loving seasons we've had to date. Let's rewind a little, shall we? The holiday season kicked off with Thanksgiving at my sisters- this was the first year that my Future In-Laws joined us, and it honestly was so amazing to have EVERYONE under one roof. The kids loved playing with their cousins, and with wine flowing and football on T.V. a good time was had by all!

December was here before we knew it and it itself was JAM PACKED with exciting (exhausting) milestones and monets for us. My Fiancee had been in the final streches of his degree plan at UH (GO COOGS!) and finished up with classes and finals on Dec. 6th. He had a beautiful Ring Ceremony coming up, and then the final hoo-rah, graduation coming up just weeks DAYS before Christmas! He decided that with everything going on, I.e Holidays, moving, graudation (and the whole, us having basically zero privacy thing) he would surprise me by wisking me away for a fancy weekend at the UH Hilton while we enjoyed the ring festivities.
Talk about surprised! If you knew anything about P, you would know he is Cheeeeep! Wait, maybe cheap isn't the right word...frugual, practical? No, cheap is a more fitting description. Anyways, he busted open the piggy bank and splurged on a beautiful suite at the Hilton, Dinner at a 5 star resturant downtown, some UH swag I LOVE, and even flowers!!
Ya'll, I won't even lie- I was blown away! The room was beautiful, yes and the view- wow. But hoenstly the most meaningful part of it all was that this was supposed to be his weekend- his moment to shine, but all he wanted to do was make me feel special.
The very next weekend was G-day, as in college grad 2013, end of your collegic career as you know it, the final steps before you are thrust into the "real world" and left to fend for yourself.
The ceremony was Friday, 12/20/2013 held at the basketball pavillion on campus, and afterwords we had a big party at the house to celebrate with all of our closest friends and family. The night was perfect, and it could not have come at a more amazing time. It was one of the best christmas gifts we got as a couple, ever. Before you think I'm a crazy person for saying this was a gift for "us", it was! Yes, this was his graduation, and his degree- but this is for our family, and our future and thats a gift that I can't thank him enough for!
Christmas round one was spent in Orange, Texas celebrating with Owen, Kim and Troy. I always love goign there and spending time with them- Owen is getting so big now, and looking more and more like Juan and Moosey. The day came and wnet too fast, and before you knew it, it was christmas eve with the Dudley side of the family. I will always love and respect them so much for keeping Phil and I so close to their hearts. For those of you who may not know, The Dudleys are my kids grandparents on their fathers side. They have always treated Phil and I as part of their family, and are God honestly happy for us and our future. They are a true blessing!
Christmas day was a total blur- there were presants EVERYWHERE, family breakfasts, famly lunches, family dinners...I don't think i've eatten that heavily in one days sitting ever before! It is so much fun getting all the sisters together at Dads and tearing through our gifts (all at the same time) and then going around the room showing off what eachother got. St. Nick was extra kind to me this year (because I was so good....duh!) and I was spoiled beyond belief. I got things I needed, things I wanted and loved, and things that I couldn't have imagined I got or deserved!

For new years this year, we decided to do something a little off. You see, every year for new years we ususally go out with our close friends Chris and Sam to celebrate Chris' birthday. Last year was spent in NOLA on Bourbon St. rining in the big 13' with 1000's of starngers. It was an experence for sure, but nothing I would need to do again. This year the holiday fell on a Tuesday, talk about bummer timing and with me having to work that day (yea, I had to WORK on NYE) we just didn't see any reason to do something outragious. So, we went camping. That's right- camping. Our close friends have land not too far from us, so we loaded up the sleeping bags and supplies and headed out.
Honestly- amazing time. The kids ran around to their hearts contect, we roasted marshmellows, sipped moonshie Champagne and just had a great time and it was a memorable way for the kids to close out the year. Something I see us doing again very soon.

So, how where your holidays?

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