Monday, January 6, 2014

Buh-bye winter break

Today was the first real/full day back to work after all the half-days, holidays and vacation time over the last few months it was a difficut transition to say the least. Knowing that this will be a full 5 day, 40hr work week still has not completely sunk in yet I don't think. My kids don't officially go back to school until tomorrow, making tomorrow morning the real "back to lfe as we knew it" moment.
No more snoozing the alarm to get that few extra (20) minutes snuggled up in bed, no more rushed hair days and make-up done at work in my office- nope, now its back to making lunches the night before, getting 3+ people up, dressed, presentable and out the door by 6:15 a.m. sharp. Ouch. Just tying that just now made me cringe a little.
It's not an impossible feat, just somehting I will most definatly have to adjust back into. Which basically means me and the kids in bed and lights out by 9 p.m. tonight, yea...that's my bedtime on school days. Sometimes I push it and will stay up until 9:30, 10 even and I always end up paying for it in the morning.Always. I don't knw what it is, on the weekends I can get 4-5 hours of sleep and Im good, but during the week-im a bear!

So now I'm off to get things in order, and prep the family for the long dreaded end of winter break. Wish me luck!

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