Friday, January 17, 2014

My first ever Friday-Five

Today I'm linking up with April (Or at least I am trying too...)
to give you my Friday-five.

Today marks 5 days down of this whole healthy living- lifestyle change thing I have going on and so far I am down 3.5 lbs and having less and less headaches from caffeine withdrawal. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! It's also day 3 of my work out implementation and so far so good. I am not nearly where I need/want to be, but I am that much closer than yesterday.

So my Fiance's sister is in town this weekend so we are going to dinner Saturday night to celebrate Poobear's college graduation (She was on vacation and was not able to attend) as well as my FIL's birthday that was last weekend by having dinner at Fogo De Chao. As excited as I am to go (I hear it's wonderful!) I am also terrified that the old me will bust through the doors of this restaurant, and devour everything in sight. Here's to wishing for self control! Just look how yummy that looks!!!

 photo fogo-de-chao_zps708e6096.jpg

As many of you know I am currently in the mists of planning my wedding. (side note...only 168 days until I am officially Mrs. Hares) and here's my biggest dilemma. Cake. The weekend prior to my "lets not be a fat bride" weight loss journey began, it was at the Houston bridal extravaganza
and got to taste the most a-mazing Bavarian Cheesecake EVER. Ever. It's from a local bakery called the Bavarian Cakery and I just booked our first cake tasting in a few weeks to let Phil get his paws on a piece of this heaven! The twisted part is that I won't even be able to try any at the appointment! :'( What we do to look good ladies! All I need to do is get the man-candy on board with it and we are good to go. Otherwise, it's back to the hunt for the perfect cake!

Spring baseball season starts back up in just one short month, which means 3 days a week watching this guy
 photo ROCKIES-1____22_SEP_2012_3551_zpsd49004b3.jpg
play his heart out for the love of the game. I love spring baseball- and watching how with each passing season my son grows at both skill and love of the game! We've stuck through with the same coach for the past 7 seasons and I can't imagine having to ever leave Coach Casey. He has been there through all the up's and down's with our boys, and been such a mentor. Sports are always that much more worth it when you have an amazing coach!

Sunday we are taking our engagement session (part 2) and I could not be more excited. You see, our last engagement photo session turned out to be a dud. Let me take that back- they actually gave us some very beautiful photos, but the weather was SO SO against us. Rainy, grey and just not what was ideal for the "rustic, country outdoor" photos we were looking for. Our photographer is a saint, and saw how desperately sad I was that we could not get more of the shots I had in mind, and agreed to do a re-do pro-bono. And this is the weekend forecast! Woo0ohoo!!

 photo temps_zps19d6e85a.png

 photo 5onFridayLogo-Final-forblogsidemenu_edited-1_zpsc7135cc5.jpg

Enjoy your weekend's!

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