Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 3 of my YF diet...

so, I'm three days in on one of the hardest diet lifestyle changes of my life. Giving up on Diet Coke I was sure, would be my downfall but funny enough I don't even crave it anymore. I would honestly say, the hardest part for me would have to be giving up Tortillas.

Tortillas deserve their own place at the top of the food pyramid in my book. I love them. Alot! The go with everything, they make my 2nd favorite food, Tacos and they can be eaten solo or dipped in salsa. Yummmmm. So going sans tortas for 30 days is proving to be a challenge that I know I will have to struggle to get through. Thankfully the meals I do/ can still eat are really yummy and packed with tons of things I like, and I've even started drinking tons more water just out of habit which is helping with my ever occurring kidney issues. My main staples have been Grilled chicken breast with steamed squash and zucchini, steak with a side of pico and half of an avocado and celery with all natural peanut butter at snack time. Most of the items I ate all the time anyways, Ive always been a big fruit and veggie lover so that didn't really change much- it was teaching myself to plan ahead so I would not fall in to the trap of doing what was "Easy" and eating junk from a bag or fast food.

ALl in all, I would say the diet is starting to prove that your body is based 90% off of what you eat. Im going to start adding in light exercise (walking, jogging, squats, lunges) starting today. It really helps that the fiance has started working on his "wedding body" too so we can encourage each other to keep up with workouts and healthy eating hobbits. He's not on the YF with me, and to be honest thinks there is 0% chance I can do it (Now I HAVE to prove him wrong) but he supports me none the less.

I'm thankful I started this in January and don't have any wedding festivities planned for the next 30 days making it that much easier to stay true to it. How is the diet going for you? What tips/tricks do you have to keep strong when first starting out on the healthy living challenge?

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