Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding WED-nesday

Burr rabbit, its a cold one today in the H! Besides running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, I really spend as much and as little time as possible planning this wedding of mine. So, what better way to feel accomplished than to rope you all into it Here's a little run down of the whats been dones, what needs to be done, the where the hell do I starts and everything in between. Strap on your garter belt- it's gunna be a bumpy one!


Our wedding is being held in July, on Independance Day...In Texas. I think the colors of our wedding are all but shocking, considering.

 photo Fotor0226104054_zps4e7b68d9.jpg
Midnight Blue - Ivory- Green

(ok, so this one might be more since we are straying from the Red but hey, I don't want this to look like a walking flag parade!)

Let Them Eat Cake- and Other Delicious Food Choices

 photo Fotor0226121232_zps0c3d51b4.jpg

Saturday and Sunday of this week will be filled to the brim with cake tasting and decision making. Will we go with a traditional American wedding cake with 3+ tiers? Will we go the modern route and have a dessert bar filled with candies and cute little cupcakes or will we go way out in left fiend and have a traditional English fruit cake? So far, the latter is not winning. Fruit cake? Really...that does not sound even the least bit appeasing. So far the leading contender in my book (and P's) is a Bavarian Cheesecake. Yall, if you never try antoher cake in your life I swear you won't be sorry. It is AMAZINGGGGG but it ain't cheap- I'm taking around $6.75 A SLICE. Ouch- a little hard to hear with this wedding budget. Oh to dream!


This has probably proven to be one of my hardest items to find. No, I'm not taking about finding an actual florist- I have one. I just can not make up my mind on what I really want. Do I need sprays at the alter where we get married? Do I want the girls to carry all white flowers to better contract against their dresses? Do I want to carry white flowers? I've put off meetings with my florist about 3 times now trying to decide what I want and it's getting down to the wire.

 photo Fotor0226102636_zpsd9d2bafc.jpg
Love how the green pops

DIY is a PITR (Pain-in-the-rear)

Dear Pinterest Brides,
I envy you.
A. For having the time to do all these little DIY Projects
B. For being so darn crafty it hurts.
C. For displaying your craftiness all over Pinterst leaving me staring at my computer screen drooling over all these neat ideas.

Below are just a couple of the DIY heists I have up my sleeve.

*Chalkboard instagram sign- Duh, I don't think you got married after the year 2011 and didn't have this. Thank you/ Daddy's girl/ Mr. & Mrs. signage

 photo Fotor0226103546_zpsf65fa3e9.jpg
Love ALL of these signs- all via Pinterest

*DIY Cake Topper- this one is a little scary, but I refuse to spend upwards of $100 bucks on something this small. I just can't.
 photo Screenshot_2014-02-26-10-18-11_zps5ea3a7fe.jpg
Directions to make this found via Pinterest

*burlap wedding banner for our getaway car or just for a few shots of the Bride/Groom.

Being a woman is hard work, I mean HARD. Everything is riding on you as far as making this not look like a total poop-fest. I am trying my darndest to add little personal touches, the must-haves and everything I can all while runnin our household and being neck deep in Baseball season.
What where some of your Must haves or easy way outs for your wedding? I will take ALL Suggestions, please!!!

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