Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Living in reverse

Zero blog activity in nearly a week again. I'm not quite sure how to explain it other than the fact that the last 7 days have been JAM PACKED with activities and I have had made no time for blogging. I am now becoming the blogger I hate- the keep you hanging for 70 years with nothing to read. I am a blouser (blog-loser) catchy? hmm.. anyways, the past week has been good.bad.ugly.fun.crazy and too fast all wrapped up in one jumbled mess.

Baseball season is in full effect and practice is long and hard (twss?). Juan is doing great at adjusting to the new team dynamics, and is getting right into the swing of things. This season stinks a little for each of us not having the Abbotts here. Their son, Austin is one of Juan's buddies, and his parents are one of the Fiancee' and I's closest couple friends. To say things a little more quite around the ball park is an understatement. More time to focus on Juan and being the crazy mom shouting out from the stands. #noshame

I was also the Mom running to Wal-Mart at 9 p.m. to pickup valentines cards for the kids school. A trip to Michaels, two glue gun burns and a million muttered curse words later and I realized a box of Valentines for $4.99 could not really be topped. Next year Mommy, next year.

Thursday of last week also marked the F I N A L day of my Yeast-Free diet and the return of easy living. I still practice the YF M-F as much as I can, but am allowing myself lenience on the weekends to help me keep my sanity as I plan a wedding, run a family, work full time and house shop. I need alcohol to survive- at least It's Gluten Free- that counts as good, right? Whoever set this YFWM diet up to end the day BEFORE Valentines, is a genius and deserves a nedal. Well played Physician's Preference!

Valentines day was one for the books- per the usual P did not disappoint and I was spoilt from Friday until Sunday with a yummy Lobster/Steak dinner with the kids at Popo's house Friday (My dad's) and then a couples dinner outing Saturday night at Hido's Japanese with five other couples. The food was AMAZINGGGG and I could literally remember every tiny taste of it right now as I type this. Hibachi is easily one of my favorite meals ever. I also got the most romantic card on the face of the planet- It was addressed to "My Wife" with the most amazing note inside about how he is counting down the days until I am "forever his". This man knows my love language- and he knows it WELL!

Saturday we woke up at the crack of dawn to get breakfast in and head to the fields for a 2 hour practice. P and Juan like to get there about 30 minutes early to warm up prior to practicing with the team- It been so great for the boys to get this time in together just the two of them, but giving up 4 hours of your Saturday E V E R Y Saturday for the next 12 weeks is going to take some dedication!

Moosey is going to be a "Sassy Gypsy Moth" in her 1st grade play in a few weeks and I have to not only figure out what the F a Sassy Gypsy Moth is, but also what the hell one would wear. If you have suggestions, please let me know! She has her dress rehearsal next week and I can't really afford to drop the ball on this one.

Also, my son told me last night that my dinner was "bitter". When asked what bitter meant his answer was "like, not very much good flavor??". Thanks buddy. Love you too.

Maybe I'll write something tomorrow, probably not. But I'm trying!!!

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