Friday, February 7, 2014

My Friday Five!

H A P P Y F R I D A Y!!!

This is finally coming to a close, and I could NOT be more ready for the weekend to get here! Here are my Friday Five.

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This weekend will be spent scouring (sp?) Pinterest for cute/inexpensive/non-time consuming Valentines day cards for my kiddos to hand out at school next week. Two kids with two classes each equals about 6 hours of labor, a bottle of wine and numerous paper cuts. Stay tuned to see the final project next week!


Leave it to good ol' puxatony phil to give us 6 more weeks of this awful "winter" we get here in Texas. In the past 3 weeks we've had temps ranging from 28-79 and at least one "snow day" AKA ice, Hail, Rain and Sleet days that cause schools, businesses and life as we know it to come to a screeching halt. It was fun at first, I mean duh who doesn't want a 4 day work week?? But now, I could go another 4 years without this so called snow.

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I can't remember who for the life of me suggested getting this Essie nail polish, but it is to die! I love it, its the perfect soft pink and what I plan to keep my nails bathed in until wedding week. Loves.

 photo neutrogena-anti-residue-shampoo-en_zpsde3077de.jpg

I'm sendin out out an S.O.S, sendin' out an S.O.S... ok enough of the olides, but on a real note I need H E L P! Hair help that is. I am the first to say I don't know jack-crack about what hair products are good for you and for nearly everything I turn to my trusty Hair dresser Lydia to lead the blind as you would say. But lately, I've been skipping routine hair appointments to try and prolong the blonde and save a little coin in return. The problem is, my hair is JACKED! I'm serious, it's turned into a slick little oil spill of a mess. I almost want to cry out just typing this. I've tried everything- baby powder, corn starch, all-natural shampoos, going longer between washes, etc. NOTHING works. The only thing that has remotely helped is this beaut, Neutrogena Anti- Residue shampoo but you can only use it once a week per the instructions.

Help me, I have bad hair!!!!

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There is less than a month until the start of Rodeo Houston and I am beyond ready. A Jake Owen, Luke Bryan (staple show), Blake, Florida Georgia, and some Maroon 5 sprinkled in the mix? That's what I call a good spring break stay-cation right there my friends!

Wanna join the fun? Head over to Christina's blog and link up! ...You know you wanna!!! ;)

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  1. Stopping by from the link-up, I adore those soft pink nails! They're perfectly elegant and an absolute must for a wedding! Happy weekend!

    Caitlin C

    1. Thanks Caitlin! I loved the pink too, and the fact that it doesn't make my fair skin look too pale or dull! Thanks for stopping by, have a fab weekend!!