Friday, February 28, 2014


Hoo0o0wddy to my fellow southerners, and double H-O-W-D-Y to my fellow TEXANS! It's Go Texan day in the Lone Star State A.K.A one of the best holidays of the year if your lucky enough to call this beautiful state home. God Bless ya.

First things first, a big (Texan) shout out to my hubbs to be in 126 days for getting a new J-O-Bizzle and his first Career of choice job at thiat. I am SO proud of all of his hard work and dedication and for taking my constant nagging worrying about our future and money and everything else. You are a true standard for all the Daddies out there, and I applaud you! Hope today is wonderful xo.

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Venue Visit time is finally here! That means this is the very first time the Mr. is seeing the venue in person. Crazy, I know. But I could not be more excited!! They are having an open house and we will get to sip champs, try out food vendors, parooze flowers and other little pretties and get a gympse of what our wedding just might look like. Eeek, I can't wait!!!

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Did I mention it was Go Texan day??? Yehawwww can be heard echoing down the halls of every office building today, even if "country" just ain't your thang. Today it is. For Everyone. This is also the day that you should avoid any Cavendars, Baskins, Feed Store or Bass Pro Shop like the plague. Any one and their mamas are out getting geared up for the upcoming month and trust me, you don't wanna get caught up in that shizzz. Go Texan day is just the start of what is surly the best month of any Texan, err maybe any Houstonians life. Rodeo month. This weekend is cook off, and then the big shows start rolling in. Your liver and your feet won't want to be associated with you after the hell you put them through in the next 30 days. But oh is it worth, so worth it!

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JACKIE AND KELSO ARE ENGAGEDDDDDDDDDDD!!! Who else has been praying for this since the dawn of time, or at least since That 70's show?? Congrats to those two love birds on thier engagement!  photo ashton-kutcher-mila-kunis-engaged-1_zps15a9ebc9.jpg photo kissheader_zpsd722d82a.jpg


Lip Sync ever? If you've never watched a single Jimmy Fallon skit in your life (stop reading, we are no longer friends you fool) GO WATCH THIS NOW. I'll wait.

Tapping foot.
Watching clock.
Did you do it?? JF is by far one of my biggest celeb crushes. He is insanely hysterical and teamed up with anyone from Joseph Gordon Levitt, to JT to John Krazenski he is a make you pee your pants funny man, and I can't get enough. Every once in a while he does what he calls "Lip Sync Offs" where he challenges his celeb guests to pick 2-3 songs that he/she will lip sync to and they have a battle. I die every time. You never see someone truly let loose as you do when their in the battle. Tears of laughter streaming down my face. I heart you Jimmy.

It's Friday, and if that doesn't make you smile- you're doing it wrong! Go link up- you know you wanna!!  photo 5onFridayLogo-Final-forblogsidemenu_edited-1_zpsc7135cc5.jpg

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