Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I want itttttt

It pretty much never fails- any time I want/need/and looking for something it's either sold out, non existent or wayyy out of this budget-mama's price range.

For the past, oh I don't know three months I've been on the hunt for a red blazer. Not just any red blazer, but a true cherry red blazer, with a silky feel and a simple one button or two button closure. Apparently ever "person" on pinterest has one and they are no longer sold on the planet earth. I drool ever this every time my bestie wears hers and I NEED one of my own! But where?!?!!!!

This is the H&M Blazer I am longing to have, that is no longer sold. tears. (via google)

Neutral/cream color crew neck sweater. Yes, I know J.Crew carries these in Cashmere and they are to die. I get it. But what I don't get, is the insanely high price for these puppies. Is this just one of the items in a girls closet that has to cost more, but is justified? If so, i'm just not there yet!

 photo brooks-brothers-cashmere-crewneck-sweater_zpse00525c6.jpg

You know how every girl (even tomboy ones) have that one classic pair of black heels? Well somewhere along the line I missed the bus on this and only have black patent leather mary jane heels, black patent leather peep toe heels and flats. I need a good pair of basic black (non-patent) leather heels. I have searched high and low and can't find a pair I really love. With wedding season coming up I need to start getting on the ball with the wardrobe- the parties, showers, weddings to attend are really going to call for some new goodies, so maybe this will be the kick in the butt I need to get myself a pair of these babies.

 photo o_8_zps71585de2.jpg
Can I have these...pretty please!?

I need a Chambray Popover shirt. Like, need it. It seems like the most versatile item right now. Wear it in the summer with some colorful shorts and flips, done. Wear it in winter with black slacks and brown riding boots, duh. Wear it to hang out, run errands, to work dressed up with a skirt. The possibilities seem endless. Except, that I did find this item I so want. At one of my all time favorite places, just sold out in my size. Rude.

 photo jcrew-popover-78_zps82f81990.jpg

Tell me this isn't super cute and super comfy looking at the same time!?!

I basically just need a shopping spree!

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